Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter Dad & bud

My Easter was good. We had some good sermons at church and had a couple investigators come. Sadly the main people we were working with didn't make it due to family get togethers and what not.... they don't understand "seek ye first the kingdom of God"... Then we had some way good dinna with an ex com member.. his name is rick and I love the dude!!! hes x military and has crazy ptsd so when he got home from the military he felt like the enemy was still attacking him and he felt tons of stress and anxiety. He got married in the temple but it always haunted him causing him to just have his name removed from the church... He is making his way back now and is just a great dude!!! He made us some good ham taters and what not for dinner. it was good. 
people here are on spring break too.. we are working with this latino family... it is so dysfunctional... we brought Alonzo and Robby to church last week they told us they were both involved in gangs these kids are 13 and 17 and already involved in that garbage.... they loved church and showed tons of desire to change their lives and learn more about the gospel. We went over a couple days later and Alonzo the oldest got arrested for bringing his gun to school... so dumb. this was his 2nd big charge the first was grand theft auto... We continue to teach and find out robby has guns too and the daughter faith is always shoplifting. I just think to myself what in the world is going on in this house... we went over and met the dad and he was the sweetest little Mexican dude who was truly just heart broken for the action of his kids. "when robby was lil nino he used to always come and kiss me goodnight. Now I never see him he dropped out of school so the last time I saw him was at court"... super super sad it is truly because the gospel and the priesthood wasn't in the home hopefully we can help them change things but the devil really has that family in a knot.... thanks for being you pops, I can think back while I was growing up and cant think of anytime when you lost your temper or wasn't their to support me. I see so many dysfunctional families out here and I know that the only reason we didn't turn out like them is because of you and mommas efforts in doing family scripture study. so many missionaries out here never prayed or had script study as a family and they suffered greatly. I remember you said your patriacal blessing promised you that. anyways sorry for the grammar... loves much
Elder Fife

On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 7:29 PM, Joseph Fife <> wrote:
Happy Easter Sonny.  I hope you have enjoyed your sabbath and thrown back some of you favorite carbury eggs.  We had a nice day with the Mcdades.  Jimmy was here with them and he seems to be doing pretty awesome.  He is a lot more engaging now and pretty studly dude.  The kids are now on spring break but I still have work so they are going to have to party without you and me. 

Franny is helping with Grandpa Marlin.  He feel and busted up some ribs again.  That fellow seems to have had way more that his fair share of suffering.  I really don't know how he keeps holding on.  I would have given him 0 percent chance of living through your mission.  Now he seems to have a shot.  Not sure that is what we should be hoping for though.  Seems he needs to complete his earthly mission and find some relief from all his sufferings.  

I hope you had another rockus week.  I have been working on your school stuff a little bit.  I am working toward getting you signed up for this SOaR thing.  I have you signed up for a general business pursuit, but I am sure you can switch stuff up.  I will need to sign you up for classes in a month or so.  I can do my best quess or maybe you can give me some input.  I don't want it to be something you need to worry about. 

Mom says you may be emailing on Mondays now?  I had to make sure I hit you up before.  I don't want to wreck my streak.  I don't think I have missed a single week of emaiing. 

I love you Son.  Keep rocking!


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