Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dad and Son

Dad, I am staying in mountain view and training a new elder. Haha dont be too bitter about the pass.. haha some elders found my wallet at the house i was living at they said it was like behind the couch or something... Pretty awesome cuz i got my license back!!! 

the temple was awesome!!!! i loved going it had been like a year since i had gone last.. we have a mission temple trip coming up soon that i am way excited about as well its at the end of may. 

the poopy baby people havent really talked to us... we tried to visit them but they havent been home lately.. and we just lost them because of the boundrie change.. we will see what happens maybe the other elders will get them

ken and that dude would have way athletic kids i bet they would be giants!! yeah get scouting some ladies for me that would be nice

glad your co worker is doing well. its true motorcycles are dangerous.. but cars are dangerous too so you kinda just gotta live a little i guess

i love you pops hopefully my boys is going to be good. its my first time training without another missionary i always trained in zone leader companionships

love you lots pops we are looking for more weight cuz i need to increase my max it is maxed out at 216 because a lack of weight... 

Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 9:54 AM,  <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son. Are Transfers this week?  This was the long one right?  I can't believe you found my pass. I seriously scoured the garage last summer looking for that. You dog!  I thought you lost your wallet. How many punches do we have on that bad boy. Protect it like a testimony!!!

Mom showed me some sweet temple pics. That was fun. What an awesome day and experience. The work continues to rock. We are also curious to see how things went with the poopy roof baby lesson.

Time is flying huh?  I just have about 3 weeks left this semester. About that same amount of time and we get out last phone call. Wow. Now is the time to have a huge push to the finish line. You are the best you have ever been and just think what miracles await as you rock this last part of your Mish.

Did Mom tell you I set up Mckenzie with one of my students?  They seem to be liking each other.  The dude seems super studly. He is 6'7 and a half. He is a high jumper on then usu track team. Maybe I could scout out some ladies for you next year. Ha ha.

One of my co workers got hit on his motorcycle coming home from work. He was just sitting at a stop and some one smashed into his back. He is ok but pretty banged up. That was the same day I got my bike inspected to get it legal to drive.  Now I am having second thoughts. People just don't pay attention when they drive. Texting etc.

I know this gospel is true!  I love what joy and peace we experience when we follow Christ. I love you Son and I know you are a powerful representative of Christ. God bless you my Son



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