Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mom and Son

It was a crazy split... the puyallup people are really nice and filled up our dinner calender even nicer:) my new companion is awesome he is way fun! i have been so blessed with my companions i havent even had any bad ones. Elder Bagley went to wapato park in tacoma to train and be a district leader

The weather was way nice it cooled way down though kinda a bummer... I lost some of my short sleeves cuz i gave them to investigators for church but i still have enough its way lucky i got my wallet back.. sad there wasnt like a hundred bucks with it lol

good for cole doing good in soccer.. haha what did they fight about thats pretty funny... 

i didnt realize how old gramps was.. dang 92 im sure that will help tons with sharon around for help. is greg still in town helping out?

my trainer elder byram went home last week...crazy hes already home... 

miss and love you momma!!!

you gotta tell sister wheelock where logan is going so i can know!!!

Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 24, 2016 at 3:01 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Wow! That's a big split! You got some Puyallup people huh? That's some serious growth. How's your new companion? Where's he from and what's his name. Where did Bags go?

The weather there has been crazy hot!! Hope you have some nice short sleeve shirts still. I'm glad your wallet got returned to you. That's lucky!!

I'm writing you from Kens ward. We came to support her giving a talk. She did great. Her and Skylar the boy dad set her up with are coming to dinner today. Why don't the members take care and feed the missionary's??? Lame!! Hope the new members will take care of y'all.

Coles soccer team is undefeated we've crushed every team. The boys are doing a lot of reffing. They got in a fight during a game. They didn't want to ref together anymore but they've worked it out.

My mom is about the same as when you left. It's weird she doesn't cook much my dad does all of that now. It's taking a mental and a bit of a physical toll on him. He's 92 still driving and taking care of his wife. Amazing to me... It's sad though. It will be nice when Sharon moves here to help with them.

I love you lots son!!! Have a great week. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Loves Mommađź’•

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