Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sick week

Sick week.  On Saturday we had dinner dropped off to us at the church from this nice samoan lady. We go in the church and its just packed with Samoans a little girl was getting baptized just a child of record they thought... Turns out her parents were both non members her grandparents had been taking her to church for years waiting for her to turn 8 to baptize her. So the baptism ends up being in out stewardship.. pretty sweet miracle!! haha

Malia got baptized on Sunday it was so sweet!!! she has had an incredible change of heart, just a couple weeks ago she was getting drunk drowning her sorrows working crazy hours and just making her way through life. She never really was involved in our lessons because of the language barrier she got her from Samoa last year. We kept inviting and after she acted she got an answer to her prayers to be baptized. After she got that answer she messed, she got drunk the night before her baptism and missed church. We went over to her house and knocked on her door for like 10 min straight until she opened it. When she saw us she jumped and the godly sorrow stepped in I was super disappointed. We invited her to repent on the spot and ask God to forgive her. Ever since that day she knew she had to change and Sunday she was Baptized!" We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23 only through Christs atonement was her guilt swept away. Baptism opened that gate to forgiveness.

We have been teaching a man named Ernie he got in a super bad accident 10 years ago. Due to the accident he only has one leg. He is a very humble man who showed up at church one sunday and we have been teaching him since. He was already living the word of wisdom the law of chastity loves the church just wants to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. We gave him the restoration movie to watch and pray on. He did and the spirit pricked his heart he is getting baptized next week. 

we found a family of 7 to be baptized!!! hopefully really soon:) so many miracles over here humbling to be apart of. 

happy gen conf. 
I love you
Elder Fife

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