Friday, September 18, 2015

Goodwine goes home

Transfers!! I am staying and my new comp is Elder Marsh. Enosa is staying and Alvarez is leaving and we are getting another boy to train. 

It is sad to see Goodwine go one of my favorite comps so far!!

This week has been pretty good we had a baptism on Saturday with this kid named Daniel... his mom got baptized 5 years ago then disappeared she reappeared and had a kid ready to be baptized.. Daniel is 11 years old and a nightmare to teach quite the headache actually!! but he was stocked to get baptized so that's all that matters. 

we were going to baptize Malia on sunday as well but she skipped church so we went over to her house she was hung over from a party the night before..  we got so mad at her i probably lost my temper a bit but she deserved it... haha Hopefully she will get baptized in the next couple weeks 

jeez missions can be stressful sometimes but the relief after a baptism is the best thing ever!!!

Elder Fife

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