Friday, September 25, 2015

Elders combined weight 800l lbs.

Tuesday I got my new comps Elder Marsh and Elder Tafua. We are Training Elder Tafua he is the coolest kid around!!!! He is from Laie Hawaii and has a full ride to play outside linebacker for BYU when he gets back. This guy is huge he weighs 240.. haha but super humble and has a strong testimony couldn't ask for better companions!! 

This week was so good, but the tire pressure in the corolla probably not as good.. all of us combined weight of 800 pounds in that thing haha big boys!! nobody messes with us!!

Yesterday we went to this really ghetto neighborhood to visit some of our samoan investigators. they live in this duplex and on the other side are these way crazy black people.. when we got there they were yelling and screaming swear words at each other hitting eachothers garages with bats pushing kids over like it was way entertaining but sad at the same time so we went to brake it up but they were so crazy we couldnt do much.. anyways after the cops came we talked to our investigator nephi... haha nis dad was a member and left him when he was a child thats where he got the name. 

but anyways he is getting baptized next week so thats sick!! we played him and his crew in basketball at the park the deal was if we win they had to come to church with us and if we lost we would buy them luch they were pretty good but we still won!! none of them showed up to church but they all promised to come next week and are excited to get baptized. 

hopefully some of this makes sense im hurrying 

We fasted on sunday for a family to come to church and for more baptisms!! when we went to church a new family of samoans showed up and they are feeding us on thursday!! God has blessings waiting for you but you simply have to ask in  the name of christ order to recieve them

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