Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bumpin week

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 12:39 PM, Christian Fife <>wrote:
We had a pretty bumpin week. We baptized Chad su, Chan su & Savannah maae. 

Think i told the story but here it is again.
ELder Enosa and I were biking in the ghetto streets of tacoma with nothing to do so we went to a near bye park to challenge some thugs to some basketball. When we got there we saw a fellow samoan playing with his 2 kids turns out his wife is a member and his oldest son is a member but when they moved to Tennessee they went Less Active. chan is 13 and chan is 10 they are so sick haha they are the perfect description of a samoan except they got a little big of chineese in them but they are way cute kids. I cant even tell you how excited they were to be baptized!! we taught them and then baptized them this last sunday. it was my boys first baptisms and my other comp elder goodwine one of his last. 

After they got out of the water they were so happy and stocked it made you feel like a million bucks just watching them.
we have our first lesson with their father tonight.

Savannah was a ref from some other missionaries in the zone.
Her father is a member but doesnt go to church and her mom is a non member. They let savannah make her own decisions religion wise so thats lucky. She is 16. We started teaching her and she loved everything she was having some family problems with her sister so she was really stressed about that but loved it when we came over she said she didnt feel stressed when we came over. She loved learning about the restoration and loves reading the book of mormon. She was also baptized sunday. After her baptism she told me that she wants to serve a mission:) way sick.

At the baptism President and sister blatter thought that chad and chan were girls so that was pretty funny. 

well hope you have a good week. 
Love, ELder fife

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