Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mom and Son

Mom, I found my wallet!!! it was in the area book.. haha i was updating it and i guess used it to mark my spot in there and then forgot about it. then i didnt have to update anything for a little because we hadnt taught anyone yet so it was a very pleasant suprise opening it back up to update it!!!

Hey i saw linda allen at the mall she recognized me immediately but that was all she just told me to tell you i saw you.

that is so awesome that cade is doing so good in football:) and hannah and cole doing so good in their sports. a tier for hannah that is so awesome!!! how is the football team doing in 5a??
tell cole to quit being lazy and learn the plays. lol

yeah there are lots of sucky parents up here like the kids we just baptized didnt even know how to pray their parents never taught them... pretty sad. that kid probably has some good parents but you are just way better so he just wants u instead. 
I love you mom. dont talk to my poster thats freaky.. lol jk:) loves
Elder FIfe 

On Sun, Aug 30, 2015 at 9:56 AM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hey my son the Elder,

Did you find your wallet? Do you need a new drivers license? The debit card takes a couple of weeks it will come here and I'll mail it to you. Well I guess you have to have a frustrating week every once in awhile to more fully appreciate the good weeks.

Cade is doing awesome at center. He has not made a mistake in 3 games his coaches are making a big fuss over him. Bringing him candy bars to the house. It's pretty cool for Cade. Their QB is crazy good. It's been fun to watch. Coles team is getting better but still have not won a game. Cole plays defense. He says he doesn't want to play offense cuz he doesn't want to learn the plays. Ha ha! Hannah is doing great in soccer. Had a great goal against Clearfield to tie the game. Going to 5 A has been tough. Hoping they can win a game this week. We watched the BYU women's soccer game on TV this weekend. Rachel Boaz is an insanely good goalie. Alex husband little sister Jocelyn plays and Maddie Siddaway from Sv is also on the team. She starts and plays a ton for a freshmen. I'd love it if Hannah could play for BYU or uvu or usu.

This week in Pe class a first grade boy said mrs Fife I wish you were my step mom. I laughed a little when he said it but got to thinking how much little kids suffer because of their parents poor choices. I bet you see a lot of that where you are. Broken families etc. having the gospel is essential but not a cure all. Have to work on it every day.

Jimmy was here this weekend. Ken starts USU tomorrow. She is excited. It will be good to have her here.

I love you son keep on keeping on. I think of you everyday and I talk to your poster. Haha I like having it. All my love to you Mom

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