Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coffee is killer

We were knocking doors and we met a lady named lataya. Shes a single mom and was feeding her kids when we met her. We asked if we could come by in like an hour she agreed and when we went to stop by she wasnt home... lammeeee then we went to see someone else we met on the street and were walking back and she was just getting home she let us in and we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She said she had been to our church before and wanted to go again. We testified to her that baptism could change her life. Jeff, our recent convert shared his conversion story and the spirit just filled the room. She agreed to be baptized this weekend!!! ahhh she just has quit drinking coffee... The WOW is a killer up her the devil has everyone hooked... pretty lame! That was just one of the tender mercies we had this week. 
hopefully we will reap some tisms this weekend.. keep it in your prays!! love yall much 
Elder Fife

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