Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mom and son

Mom, my knee aint too bad nothing to worry about. It is an apartment really nice apartments its sweet place. 

I got a call from them and the peeps in utah are sending me all the stuff i need in the mail. thanks for doing that for me. 
the lady who quit coffe got evicted so that was pretty depressing we kinda lost touch with her but hopeufully we see her again. Dang the word of wisdom is a killer!!!!  that is a cool story about grandpa oscar i love it!!! the spirit really does change peoples lives he really was seeking the truth being in norway not very many people are baptized over there. 

kimball got the priesthood hahah that blows my mind momma they are crazy old 

momma i love ya lots think about you all the time i brag to all my comps that my moms better than theirs.. its true stuff lol cant wait to see you i told dad that im probably coming home on the 17th again may come home a week early for school pres blatter said that would be best for me.  
I love you dearly!!!
Elder Fife

On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 12:52 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hey Son!
That's nice you can play basketball but bummer your knee bugs you! That's sweet you have your own bathroom. Is it a house or apartment? I called the mission home and told them what you need to do to get a new drivers license. So hopefully you'll get that figured out.
Did that lady give up coffee in time to get baptized? Starbucks started in Seattle people are hooked on the stuff!!
It's crazy to me people don't have to be off all that addictive stuff for longer before they can be dunked. My Grandpa Oscar Christian (you were named after him) was taught the first discussion in Norway and felt the spirit knew the gospel was true drank coffee cup after cup. The missionaries told him he'd have to give up coffee and he quite cold turkey got baptized never had a problem with it again. So I know it can be done :) I'm so proud of you, you are working so hard and making a difference in so many people's lives what an incredible experience!!

Dad and Hannah bore their burners today. They both did great!! Kimball got the priesthood today. Everyone is growing up.

Had a basketball tournament in Pocatello with Cole yesterday. He has potential just doesn't come naturally like it does for you and Hannah. It's really frustrating to watch. He did hit a 3 and a great swat and some rebounds.  Making progress hopefully.

I'm sending you a valentines package tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day son. I love you with all my heart!!❤️💕❤️

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