Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Walmart worker

This week we were shopping at Walmart just chillin checking out when this homie tries to dart out the door with an Ipad... hahaha this Walmart worker comes out of nowhere right outside the doors and blindsides the dude like ray Lewis... it was the coolest thing ive seen in a sweet minute.. like that dude needs a raise!! As he and the other Walmart employees drug the dude in he was like man i was just kidding ill pay for it... lol 

We dropped like 5 investigators this week because they weren't progressing... Because of our faith and doing so the lord blessed us with a couple more. 

Mariah and her mom just moved in from Ocean Shores. Mom has been a member for 24 years but has been inactive. We found her knocking doors and Mariah wants to be baptized!!! 

Lataya pretty sure i talked about her last week.. She is progressing and is getting baptized next week too!! 

We were driving to an appointment and we felt prompted to pass the street we needed to turn on and talk to a lady walking to get her mail. Elder Henderson asked her if she wanted to come to church with us the next day. She said she did we got out of the car and asked her spirit guided questions in so doing she broke down in tears told us she had been clean from drugs for 5 weeks but was really having a hard time. We told her God loved her and was proud of her. We told her she could be baptized and be forgiven of her sins. She felt the spirit very strong and said she would love too!!! This wouldn't have happened if we hadn't listened to that still small voice. Seek the spirit through prayers of faith!!!

I love you all 
Elder Fife

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