Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sometimes investigators drop bombs

This week we had a baptism all set up with our investigator Lataya. She was sickkkk we were going over the tism interview questions with her and she told us she was bisexual and didnt want to live by the Churches standard... We taught her the law of Chastity like weeks ago she didnt say anything about it. We were both actually expecting it... the holy ghost can tell you the truth of all things. I was pretty mad and grossed out but thats just lyfe. 

David came to church this week and loved it!!!! came to all three hours and is smoking 80% less cigs a day!!! He says without a doubt he is done today so we are pretty stocked! His roommate is an ex member who is making his way back to church and is awesome fellowship. 

The Riche Fam (3 unbaptized children we found knocking) again failed to make it to church. The devil is working extremely hard on this family. Every week someone is in the ER i cant believe it. They are super strong reading and praying everyday as a family. Joseph the oldest he is a little autistic he is such a sweet kid his prayers are the best. Im convinced God cant help but answer our prayers when we are sincere.  The other day Joseph prayed he would have a good day at school and when we went to see him that night he had the biggest smile on his face and said that his prayer was answered and he had the best day ever.. I love it!

Maryah( 11 year old girl mom is a member) mom went to the hospital saturday night had some intestinal virus.. the devil workin testing my patience sometimes. lol 

In the Tacoma zone right now we have some of the greatest missionaries ever!!!! Plus the authletic talent blows my mind... Im sure we could give any utah high school basketball team a run for their money :)

I love you all and hope you have a good week. 
Elder Fife

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