Friday, February 19, 2016

Dad + Bud

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From: Christian Fife<>
Date: Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 1:41 PM
Subject: Re: V Day
To: Joseph Fife <>

Dad, lol 6 months im going to be sculpted by angels lol. roadblock though got my ankle sprained pretty good yesterday suprisingly i could still walk right after but got a baseball stuck in there by the looks of er. I was good the rest of the day until we got home then it got super tight i got some ice on it then went to bed woke up at like midnight and it was throbing pretty good got up and could hardly walk woke up the next morning same dif got some ice on her. and by the time we left i could walk again pretty nice tender mercie still going strong! 

The tism drought didnt get resolved we have tons of prospects tons of people on date for baptism so soon, soon. 

I had a little korean lady call ya last week.. haha she gives us food all the time like she gives us everything i feel bad she is super strong in the gospel but doesnt understand lots just feels the spirit. i dialed your number told her to call you and darted. lol she called later "brotha Fii i just talked to your daddy" hahaha lol she loved you and always says thanks to me for calling you for her. 

this area is awesome we have so much potential i have definetly loved every single one of my areas i have been so blessed i have served a different mission than many of my fellow watac missionarys they serve in boonie areas and its just crazy the difference... 

elder henderson has been our for 4 months hes a greenie still but very good missionary!! \
loves dad.
Elder Fife

On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 8:15 PM, Joseph Fife <> wrote:
Happy Valentines Day Son.  I know you could not care less about v-day but I heard Mamma sent you some stuff.  I am also hearing about 6 months till sexy.  Wow!  You must be a tubby if it is gonna take you six months. I would think 6 days would be sufficient for you.  

I hope the mini tism drought got resolved this week.  I know you had some good prospects coming along.  And some miracles in the making.  I loved the Spirit directed story of you and your comp asking that person to go to church.  

I have Ethan in my returned Missionary class.  I probably told you he got super skinny. I think he got some korean intestinal bug or something.  Another blessing to be rocking Wa Tac I reckon.  

How does this area stack up with your other areas?  about the same? better? Seems like you have adjusted and ended up loving most if not all your areas.  How long has your comp Elder Henderson been out?  

Well I gotta get the troops together and do some spiritual stuff.  Love you Son.  


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