Friday, February 19, 2016


sup yall, 
This week we wanted to find some more people to baptize so we decided to pray specifically for a family. We prayed for direction on where to knock and where we were directed we found a PMF. This Part member Family is super Elect. I was talking to the mom at the door she said she was a member and wanted to come back she had been inactive for years. I asked her if she had any kids she said 3.. i asked if they had been baptized and she said no but they need too.... i asked how old and she said 14 11 and 9 like crazyyyyy as i lifted up my jaw and walked in we talk to the kids and the dad invite them to read the book of mormon and be baptized. they read 4 chapters the next day as a family and are coming to church!! way sweet. 

I dont have much time so dont judge my writing lol 

the lady we talked to at her mailbox after being directed to her disappeared we hadnt talked to her for a week.... we kinda forgot about her and were driving on the backroads last week and we saw this soaking wet women walking we roll down the window and ask her if she wants to come to church.. lol dajavu it was the same lady. she had been in the er because she was throwing up blood and wanted to be baptized the next day... sadly she couldnt because she didnt meet the church requirement but it was still flipping sweet!!

we had the impression to go visit this guy we knocked into that was x commed for some reason so we go knock on the door he said he had been waiting for us and had someone for us to teach. he introduced us to his friend david his roomate. david is native and loves the book of mormon wants to be baptized. he is bringing his sister to the next lesson. 

i sprained my ankle pretty good at ball yesterday.. didnt even cry i was a champ

lataya has quit drinking coffee but at our lesson told us she got prego... gotta reteach the law of chastity i guess 

i love you all have a good week 
ELder Fife

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