Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Elder Oaks and Bud rubbing shoulders

This week was Awesome!!! My bishop is Bishop Oaks the son of Elder Oaks. Tuesday we were at a correlation meeting and Bishop Oaks told his that Elder Oaks was coming to church on Sunday.... I was super excited!!! After the meeting Bishop asked me to give a talk on increasing spiritually and I about fainted... but then he said that Elder Oaks had a meeting in seattle then was going to be at church for priesthood so that was a relief.. haha at church on sunday we were walking past the bishops office and bishop waved to us a asked us to come in his office. When we walked in we saw Elder Oaks he walked toward me looked straight into my soul for a couple seconds and said it down Elders. I was sweating a little. We sat down and talked for about 5 minutes. He asked where we were from I told him logan and he responded the ole stomping grounds of Elder Perry.. haha he went on and told us he was doing missionary work in the spirit world. He was so personable and was so happy. I felt so calm being in his presence. The coolest part of it all was taking a picture with him. standing next to one of Christ 12 apostles with my arm around him made me feel like I was unreachable from the grasp of Satan. 
Also, Kordillia got baptized this week she was a 10 year old girl I taught in the Samoan ward. We brought our investigator Paula and she was really excited to get baptized herself once she can quit smoking. anyways, love yall 

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