Monday, January 18, 2016

Momma and Son

Momma, no sign of the wallet i am still looking all around and yeah my license was in their too so i dont know what to do about that...

the week was really good it is starting to rain again so thats a bummer we had the sun out during the days but it was frigid at night so hey i guess the rain aint to bad sometimes...

thats crazy cole is dating nati seems so weird lol

what a friend you have down here lol that sounds exactly like tacoma... cant believe how many pot shopes their are there.. its crazy every block.. i wonder how they sell it all

I will make sure to say a prayer for you when you open pops up!! haha i bet you will do wonderful

love you so much momma have a good one did you get the letter i sent for the jacksons?

On Sun, Jan 10, 2016 at 6:23 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Sonny!  Did ya find your wallet son? I don't think it was stolen cuz the money is the same amount. I froze the card for 2 weeks. Was your license in there?

How was the week? Did you get your miracles?

Cade had a Rec game Saturday. He did great. He was rebounding and being a baller. I wish he had inherited the aggressive gene like you and Hannah. He has grown so much in the last while it's crazy!!

Hannah plays MC Tuesday. Should be a battle!! Dad speaks to a big group at the institute on Friday. It's called religion in life. I'm suppose to introduce him and bare the burner I'd rather not... Haha

Cole Bangater and Nati are dating. They were at church today. Dante gave a talk. He was asking how you were doing and says hello.

I enjoyed your email last week. Keep following the spirit and all that jazz.

That friend of mine that you met a the Tacoma mall. I found out her husband is a drug dealer basically. In the news article I read the caption was titled businessman. He is suing the cities of Gig Harbor and Fife for not allowing him to open marijuana stores in those towns. I find it so unbelievable that, that is even an issue!!! That's why you are there son those people need a lot  of help!!!!!

I love you so so much!! All my love to you Momma. Have a great Pday and week. Looovvvveeesssss
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