Monday, January 18, 2016

Sheila Nelson gets baptized

we had a good week. Sheila Nelson was baptized!! she asked me to baptize her. she is the one that her brother whom is less active brought her to church after we stopped him at the cross walk and gave him a card. Recap her story she has been married 6 different times lol we will just leave it at that. I have never seen the Atonement change someone so quickly as it did Sheila. She did everything we invited her to do and more. We began teaching her 3 weeks ago and she is already in Alma.. pretty awesome got through Isaiah chapters and all. When she recaps what she reads it blows my mind how much she retains. She is excited to do baptisms for the dead in a couple weeks. 

Micah got the Aaronic Priesthood Sunday it was awesome. He referred us his dad and gf he says they are humble and ready so we are stocked to get teaching them.

We had an awesome MLC Friday centered on Baptism. Baptism is the gate that all must enter in order to receive salvation. Without baptism you cant receive the gift of the holy ghost and you cant be fully cleansed sin. Without the gift of the holy ghost your Armour is useless you dont have your sword you will get owned. lol Ephesians 

we had a couple baptisms planned for last week but 2 were super sick and the other is a foster child still working out the permission and stuff. 

love yall,
Elder Fife
super bad pic but whatevs

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