Monday, January 4, 2016

Elder Goodwine comes to visit

Momma, Goodwine emailed me he said he loved hanging out with you guys!! its weird seeing him with yall haha it was trippy but i loved it!! I really like Rylan, he was an awesome companion!! 

hahaha those boys are going to tower over me with their big ole feet... like yeah it was hard for me to get those babies on but i never had to rely on the mercies of heavenly father... those dudes if they grow into their feet are going to be Goliath 
I love that story so many little events lead to such a large testimony. I am so grateful for a momma with a testimony Elder Goldstrohms family was less active when he grew up and he was baptized when he was 15 and his dad still hasnt jumped onto the bandwagon.. its just such a blessing to have a family who knows whats up. 

Dad told me that your testimony was really really good. Wish i could've heard it!!! 

haha glad you arent just wishing the time away anymore!! I miss you a lot mom but im with you I dont want it to go by too quickly I still have so many things I need to work on. I have yet become what I feel like I need to become.. obviously that isn't just going to happen on my mission it will take eternity but as I have labored diligently and faithfully I have felt the lords arms of love circled around me. I love it out here. 

yeah i got marci package I outta write here a thankyou note that was really nice of her I will probs send it to you then you will have to give it to her because I didn't save her address. anyways, I lvoe you hope you have a good week. loves in loddas 

On Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 3:21 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Howdy Son! I hope you've had a blessed week!! We had Elder Goodwine here yesterday, he stayed and chatted with us for 2 hours. It was so wonderful to have him come. You can tell he thinks very highly of you. Said you are the go to top dog in the mission. Going AP soon etc.. It was so nice to get his perspective and hear some experiences you had together. He really misses it.  The wa-tac is a special place...

I took the boys to Powder Mountain this past week. Cole wears your blue ski boots. They are always difficult to get on him. He got one on after a bit of struggle then we tried and tried getting the other one on the foot he injured in the summer. It was killing him and we were both really frustrated !! I thought I'd end up having to rent him boots. Then I said a silent prayer and as soon as I said AMEN she slipped in. It's just such a great reminder that Heavenly Father cares about the little things as well as the big things. 😊 it was 5 degrees when we started skiing and only got up to about 10 degrees. I got so so cold. We had fun despite the temperature but I think I'll let it warm up before we go again. cherry Peak opened Garrett Mantz works there. We're gonna go check it out when it warms up. 15 minutes from our house that's pretty sweet!!

I bore my testimony today a lot of it was a bout you. We were so sad and devastated when you left no sure if you knew that?? It was because we missed you and we didn't know if you were happy and just the fear of the unknown. If you'd adjust, if you'd like it, if you'd want to bail... I honestly wished the time away. Now I hope it doesn't go by too quickly. It has been such a joy to have you serving, such a blessing to our family. I can see the mighty change in you. The example you have set for your cousins and siblings is priceless. You are the missionary All mommas dream their sons to be. Thank you for your work ethic your love for the gospel and our Savior and the people of The Wa-Tac!! Don't get me wrong I am looking so forward to my long awaited hug from my beautiful brown eyed boy!! I'm just so grateful for this journey you are on and want you to accomplish all you have been sent to do. I hope you have a great Dunking week. Thanks for your awesome thank you letter. So sweet and thoughtful. Marci said she sent you a package did you get it? I didn't do Christmas cards this year such a slacker. I love you have a great week soon. Lovessss momma

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