Monday, January 4, 2016

Dad and Bud

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Date: January 4, 2016 at 1:23:41 PM MST
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Subject: Re: That was a Good Win

Dad, it was awesome seeing Elder Goodwine with y'all. I really like him a lot. I enjoyed being his companion. looks like I dont have to email you this week because goodwine gave you enough.. haha jk 

This week was good we found new investigators dropped the non committing ones and set some baptisms up for this weekend. hopefully 3. 

haha back to school that break went by really fast it seems.. days here go so fast with a routine things just fly by it seems. Righteous productivity brings forth happiness and it seems when I am happy time flies. 

I can only imagine mom delivering a spirit filled testimony confounding the unricheous in the smithfield 20th ward. Calling all the jack mormons to repentance lol I am blessed having the parents I do!!!

love ya pops,
have a good one

On Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 12:25 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son.  It was super fun to meet Elder Goodwin yesterday.  Seems like a pretty good feller.  He was very complimentary about my Boy. I told Mom that was like the best email ever!  He gave us the true scoop and told us all the dirt on you.  Actually, it was fun to hear his perspective and to see what respect and admiration he has for you.  Made me so proud to see how many lives you are touching both missionary, member and non member.  I loved to hear your about your hard work and commitment to the Mish.  He said you are an incredible teacher able to adapt the message masterfully to whatever the audience.  It was a great visit.  Thanks for the letter this week too.  I hope you are feeling better.  

We are going to have big old fat tears tomorrow morning around here.  Back to school and the routines.  We have had a great break but gotta get back to the routine.  There are blessings to the routine.  As a matter of fact, I believe we give away spiritual power when we are not consistent.  That is why many returned missionaries struggle they get out of the essential spiritual routines.  

Mom shared her testimony in church today and she was super powerful.  It was the most powerful testimony I have ever heard her give.  Super awesome.  I am supposed to be the big preacher boy but one humble little testimony from Mamma reminds me of how strong she is.  I am just a big talker but she is a big walker!  Like I said you gotta find someone like Mamma or you got no chance, Boy!  

Hope all is going well and you continue to lay it all on the Alter!  I know you will have no regrets as you continue to be "All In" for the Lord on the Mish!  Love you my Awesome Son!


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