Monday, January 18, 2016

Pops and son

sup pops, 
we had some good miracles like i shared in the big email. it was a great week i feel really blessed to be in areas where the field is white. it is hard to harvest though really hard we work our tails off looking for ways to be more diligent and effective. It is constantly consuming my brain what i could do better for this person, what i need to teach them, what i need to do to help the zone, what could i do to ber a better companion.. etc i dont know what it is but i never feel desperatlyi tired. lots of missionaries say they are always tired but i am always fine maybe thats just how i am made but i always feel energized to do the work. 

That sounds crazy with that religion in life dealio.. man wish i could go!!! i will make sure i say a prayer!!! break a leg lol

I saw cade with that new blower that thing looks great!! better than the four wheeler?

love you much pops hope you have a good day. loves

On Sun, Jan 10, 2016 at 8:02 AM, <> wrote:
Hey Son. How was this week?  I hope the prospects from last week are good for you. Sounds like the miracles from last week may be tisms for next week.

I start back in the saddle tomorrow with a new crop of students. I am sorta stressing about this Friday. I have been asked to speak at Religion in Life. That is a meeting where the whole student body is invited to come. There are 1500 to 2000 people that come. Mamma has to come with me and introduce me. I am excited about the message I just hope she comes off ok.  Throw up a little prayer for me.

Everyone is just plugging away over here. Teed is doing some rec ball Hannah and Cole are balling. Pretty quiet on the Homefront. Did I tell you I got a huge snowblower last summer. That baby is sweet almost makes you want to beg for a blizzard. Sorry Bud for the lame letter this week.  As I recall you have been guilty of some lame ones too.

Everyone asks about you and I am running out of good adjectives to tell them how awesome you are doing.

Loves son.

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