Monday, January 4, 2016

Following the Spirit

We were driving down the streets of Aberdeen a couple weeks ago and saw an old dude walking across the crosswalk. We stopped and gave him a card then drove off. Sunday he shows up at church with his sister. He was a baptized in renton a couple years ago but hard times hit and he found himself homeless in aberdeen. He was looking for a church to go to when the mormons stopped him at the cross walked and answered his prayers!! holy ghost directing us fo sure. His sister is a non member and is super Elect she reads all the pamphlets we give her, keeps all her commitments, and is preparing to be baptized in a couple weeks once she has quit smoking and gets her special inteveriew. She is freaking awesome, the Atonement is the best. 

Mike Jones is a foster kid just moved in with some members, the Wheelers, he has been to church twice and we have taught him quite a bit at first he was really hesitant on getting baptized but the spirit changed his mind. We had a super good lesson in priest yesterday about the priesthood and he is really excited to recieve it in a couple weeks. He is getting baptized this sunday. He is a super outgoing kid, really positive, loves dancing and raping lol I love him. 

Briana foutch is 10 we found her knocking her mom is inactive coming back she has had a rough life. She lost her first child in a house fire. She tried to save him but was too late. Due to her efforts she has firescares all over her face and body. She is truly a saint. Does lots of motivational speaking and has felt lots of peace as we have come by and shared the plan of salvation with her. Her abusive x just got out of jail and has caused lots of drama so thats holding stuff up rn but we hope the baptsism will still happen this week. 

Saturday we were driving down the street and their was this dude getting in this girls face acting like he was going to hit her so i parked the car and jumped out. this dude was like super short and comes running up to me yelling "you wanna go" i wanted to hit the dude so badly!! but i knew that was the last thing i should do especially with this name tag on. I just walked to the girl and asked if she was okay she was just crying her head off... my slow comps finally get out of the car and we just chill there  things calm down a little and we find out that the dude was her baby daddy and she didnt invite him to something and he was upset. lol so dumb then the cops roll up and that was that. so lesson is dont do drugs or have babies before marriage. 

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