Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Temple trip. Elder Fife says bye to Elder Schaffner

hey all!! so this past week has been a great week. Went the the beautiful Seattle temple it was a great experience. We left Sequim at 7 for the temple and got stuck on the hood canal bridge for 45 minutes so we all thought we were going to miss the session. We took the ferry to seattle super pretty. We then got stuck in traffic and after lots of prayer and faith we somehow made it to the temple at 10 but that's when the session starts but lucky the mission president and the temple president held it for us. After we went to deseret book and I saw a member from the summit ward Brother Gray. I acted super excited when I saw him and when he saw me well not so much... His name is a good description for his personality.. gray. haha that's mean but he is grumpy old man. 

Also transfer calls were on Saturday and I am staying in Port Angeles and am getting a new companion named Elder Haynie he is a way cool missionary don't know him too well but im excited. Elder schaffner is going to gig harbor to be a zl there. Seems like it should be the other way around right? 

Elder schaffner has been sick like 5 different times this transfer and me not once so that kinda stinks sickness is holding up the work. But we still got some stuff done we have a couple people getting baptized soon named chris and peyton they are younger kids we talked to their dad on the street and he invited us back he wants to get baptized too but he has to get married and quit smoking so some hold ups but he gave us permission to baptize his kids they bug him every day for it the are good kids. 

We have brought back a less active family named the stories. they got offended and didn't ever think they would come back 5 years ago. But the stake pres ( the one who offended them. bishop 5 years ago) shared a testimony in stake conference of how he was really stressed out because he had been diagnosed with cancer had 7 kids in the home at once and was a lawyer. so they realized that what he said he probably didn't mean and so they forgave him. They now have goals of going to the temple as a family and Mckabe their son is planning on serving a mission. A very rewarding experience. Lots more info im leaving out that's just the good stuff. 

Benched 225 the other day so that's kinda cool and kinda good. 

I cant think of anything else to say... but I love yall so much thanks for the support:)
Loves Elder Fife

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