Monday, April 6, 2015

Direct quote loving every minute of it.

So I don't usually do these big mass emails but lots of good stuff has been going on lately so I thought I would share some. First, Conference was awesome the testimonies that the prophets and apostles have is incredible. The obvious themes of it all were family/marriage and the Atonement. these are the only things that really bring joy into a persons life. 
We have an investigator right now that we found in Wal-Mart. He invited us to his home and turned out his girlfriend was a less active. We reactivated them and now we have been working on helping him quit smoking. After teaching the restoration he went cold turkey and quit smoking his pack of cigs a day. Then we had a huge stumbling block he has to pay child support for his kid and most all his money he earns goes towards that. His girlfriend robin doesn't want to marry him because she doesn't want her money going to his ex-wife because she "hates her" didn't sound right so Elder Haynie and I became lawyers and found out all this stuff about law we found a loop hole with the help of bro smith an accountant and now we are having a marriage-tism in 2 weeks. 

next we met a couple named paul and ellen we helped them move in this huge cabinet into their house we set up a return appointment to watch conference at their house they loved it and want to know more about prophets because she has always wondered why prophets don't exist anymore. She is getting baptized in 3 weeks. Her husband paul cant hear well and said he will join if his wife joins but if she doesn't he wont... so it is going to be hard to get him a testimony.. haha but they are a great family. 

Its hard being up here in Port angeles because there are tons of stoners and tweakers so they are usually not very nice and atheist.. but whatevs

so much more stuff happens hard to put it all in words and never have enough time to share. the mission is the best loving every minute of it. 

Love Elda Fife

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