Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13

Mom, seems like you guys are having a wonderful time back home!!! everyone is getting engaged and stuff left and right I don't even know whats going on no more... haha and Hannah looked great haha I laughed though seeing her with chad just because hes such a goober. looking at the pic makes me so glad im not in high school anymore.. haha

yeah sister walker sent me this huge text this morning of the crazy experience yall had with the connleys ELder and sister walker took us down to the temple. they are so awesome!! 

Elder haynie is a really good missionary he likes to work hard and we teach well together. I forgot my cord at the apartment so I cant send you any pictures sadly but we are having a great ole time. we had our zone meeting on Wednesday and President and Sister Blatter gave us a surprise visit but it was a really good experience and the spirit was there I really feel like they liked it. THey said that we did a good job so that's cool. 

Micheal Coop is getting baptized on the second now we have to get him and robin married Micheal is so cool really big funny guy not the brightest but loves learning about the gospel watched 5 hours of church movies the other night.. haha
Yeah ive told president that you are from there but im not sure if he remembers... what ward are you from there are quite a bit of wards there. 

not really a lot has happened this week we have just been knocking tons of doors trying to find more people to teach. t;he mish is awesome im loving it!!! I love you momma
Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 7:01 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
How's the week been? You converting some of those atheist potheads?  We talked to a couple elders that recently returned from your mission. They say it's the greatest mission in the church and that they miss it everyday! Elder Toucher said he met you on his last transfer. They know Haynie. They laughed at how we said Tugbes name. Dad was in a dunking machine up at the institute they had games and prizes the boys and Bubs Had a blast.

Hannah had a ton of fun with ur bro chad! He's a funny little dude! She's getting asked to dances right and left. The next one is senior ball at MC.

Dad and I got to listen to Elder Golden from the 70. He is from South Africa he's a total stud.

Have u met the Walkers yet? Alicia Connleys aunt and uncle?

We are doing well Spring is a busy time of year!! I love and miss you and am so proud of you!! Does the mission Pres know I'm from Gig Harbor?

Lots of love to you son! XoXoXoX all my love Mom

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