Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bill Cartwright an investigator passes away

yo whats up all. so this was a good week full of knocking doors trainings and driving. being in port angeles you have to drive super far to meet with other missionaries to do exchanges and things but its a good time. im not even going to try to write well so hopefully you can understand this email. One of our investigators Bill Cartwright we have been working with just passed away:( he had cancer but the doctors didn't know. they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him the original diagnosis was arthritis but that was way off. He had been wanting to get baptized for a long time but he was always in so much pain. He lived alone with his German Shepard A kasha  one of the best dogs ever. Bill would sometimes fall and a kasha would always be their to brake his fall. Cutest thing ever. He passed away in his home on Thursday and his family found him the next day.. We actually went over to his house that Thursday and I totally knew something was up just because how his dog was acting when we got to the door.. but I know he is In a better place. 

Happier note Micheal an investigator we are working with RN is getting baptized on the 2nd the other night he felt the spirit way strong and cried... hahahaha it was so awesome and funny he is like 6 foot 5 and a total tough guy didn't want to admit that the spirit touched him. Micheal has totally changed his life he quit smoking just cold turkey couple weeks ago we were super proud of him.. but on Tuesday we were hungry and went out to eat and we saw him outside the restaurant about to light a cig with his buddy when he saw us he got so scared we called him out on it and he took it as a sign from god it was the first cig he smoked in a couple weeks and that very minute he lit one up we were their to stop him.. haha 

oh yeah and another bummer this week  Elder Haynie and I were working out one morning and elder haynie does way weird workouts but anyways he attached a resistance band to our bench press layed on the ground and was doing some tricept workout. while he was doing whatever he was doing I look over and see the whole bench press tipping over with like 200 pounds of weight heading straight for our sliding glass door... im just thinking.. bro serious... haha and yeah went through the door shattering the glass and launched the screen door across the deck. $1200 damage we felt super bad

hey I love all of you hope yhou have a wonderful week.
Love Elder Fife

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