Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dad & Elder Fife knocked doors for 11 hours

hahaha that's so funny that they dunked ya.. I would've given that ball a nice toss too to see you get dunked... hahaha Was it a nice suit you cant be reckin you sweet suits!!! 

Dang that's crazy that they all already have their mission calls... I did giggle a bit when I heard connor was going to Africa... he will fit right in with those runners. they are all good kids!!!

This week has been a good week. we have been working really hard on finding new gators not a lot of luck quite yet just lots of potentials the other day we knocked from 10 to 9 so that was crazy... We have the city in our area and also tons of boonie areas that haven't ever really been knocked they are so far apart its not fun kfnocking htose. 

We have Michael getting baptized on may 2nd we are getting him and his gf robin married then they want to go do baptisms for the dead it will be an awesome experience. we have other people progressing slowly but they are just struggling with this and that. I told mom but for our zone meeting President and sister blatter gave us a surprise attack... haha At Mission leadership training he gave us a training on being Celestial Missionaries so it was interesting giving him the training he gave us.. haha he said we did good though. President Blatter is an awesome man I really look up to that guy. 

haha I asked haley to give me Mckays email I will give him a nice little interrogation.. haha we have a zone conference this Wednesday and we are giving a training on planning from 9 - 9:30.... not really the best topic but hopefully we can think of something fun to do. 

I love ya lots pops.
you were looking fresh in that pic mom sent me with Hannah. LOves
ELder FIfe

On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 6:51 PM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son.  Hope the week has been stellar for you. We have had some good chats with some of your former fellow Tacomamites.  We talked with a Tuesher and some other guy that I don't remember his name.  I am sure mom will talk to you about it.  We had an institute Luai social and met them there.  Seem like good dudes.  I got dunked in a dunk tank with my full suit on.  Took one for the team.  The water was freezin and the dumb tank would dumb me no matter.  They could miss the whole thing and down I would go.  We brought the little boys and bubbs and they took me down a few times each.  Even Mom dunked me.  

So hopefully you are continually seeing miracles and helping people to dope up on the gospel instead of Mary Juana!!  So sad to see the devil work on peoples natural man and incur such addiction and lose of Spirit.  They can beat it through The Atonement.  If they would just listen to you they would have such Joy and Peace.  How is the new comp Haynie?  Those RM dudes said he is a great dude.  I am sure you are Rocking it.  Is the leadership stuff going well too?  I am sure you are laying it on the alter and blessing many lives.  We love to hear that you are loving your Mission.  

We got two more calls from the Quorum this week.  Sean Horton is going to Lubbock Texas and Tyler Conley is going to Seoul South Korea.  That should have been you!  Ha ha.  We are up to 5 now with calls.  Ryan to France Nathan Moser to Texas and Connor Mantz to Africa.  The missionary Program is such a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.  

I love you will all I got Son.  Be safe and be powerful!

Loves Dad

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