Monday, April 6, 2015

Daddy Joe Elder Fife

hahahah you are such a punk pops I love it. but probably true you can curl that much. my new companion is awesome he loves to work hard and we have gotten tons done. this part of your email( To serve for the right reasons not for glory or positions but without guile and to love, serve and help people.) Ringwood had a really good talk about that and I do try my best to do it for the right reasons I always need to be aligning my will with heavenly fathers making sure I don't have pride. 
I was thinking about going to priesthood sesh with you and gramps and cade when I was sitting in there at church kinda sad those were good times. But soon enough we can go together again. Yeah that was a president about 9 -12 years ago and there was another shout out for our mission about the thialand stake pres his daughter served her mission here and just left so I guess kinda a shoutout.

I have loved my mish its such a great experience trust me I am not anywhere near perfection but I try my best.. haha love you so much dad thanks for your example. loves
Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 5, 2015 at 8:24 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son
Conference was awesome!  Seemed like there were some nice tidbits for missionaries.  That was super cool that you sent Cade that letter.  That really meant a lot to him.  kinda a tough age and lots of insecurities.  I am stoked that you benched 225.  Now we can work out together when you get back.  I can do curls with your bench weight.  It will be perf!!  Hey Hey

So how is the new comp from Saratoga Springs?  How is the work?  How are the missionaries you are over?  That one talk was sweet about Shiblon and positions in the church and on missions.  To serve for the right reasons not for glory or positions but without guile and to love, serve and help people.  Some awesome pearls.  Seemed like the Prophet was not doing to well.  What about Elder Neilsen who spoke today who used to be the Mission Pres of your Mission.  How long ago was that?  I thought his talk was sweet.  I took Grandpa and Cade to the Priesthood Session.  Cade kept wondering when it was going to be over.  He doesnt seem to have you love of gospel study yet.  I not so sure you had it at 13 either.  I know I didn't.  

You are looking sweet in those pics you sent.  The mission is a very special time of life.  You are having experiences and learning things that will set you up for this life and eternity.  We all gotta remember to stay close to the Tree.  I hope you felt a huge resurgence of passion and desire to continue to rock the work as a result of Conference.  I am so delighted to have such a perfect Son.  

Love you Son


On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 12:19 PM, Christian Fife <>wrote:
Dad, I am super excited for conference it is going to be awesome I love hearing the prophet and yeah I remember I did sleep through a few sessions but you know ive learned now.. hah get off my back pops im gonna beat you up. 

This transfer has been a good transfer it flew by like the rest of them my comp is a super good guy he was bullied like his whole life for being over weirgh it makes me so sad I hate bullys he has such a good heart. great missionary. My new comp is from Saratoga springs so a fellow Utah guy. I hear hes a great missionary. my mission has been awesome so far I learn so much my fav part of the day lately has been studies I just love reading the scrips 1 hour never seems to be enough I read about teancum today it was way sweet!!!!

I sent a letter to cade the age hes at im afraid is when the porn addictions start someone out here shared a story of his 8 year old brother getting addicted it just broke my heart. it starts so young. I think you should talk to the both of the boys about it. even more than you already have because its that big of a deal. 

Im glad the tute was a good year!!! whats better seminary or the tute??

I love ya lots dad
ELder Fife

On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 11:51 AM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son.  Hope all is well and beyond.  We had a interesting week.  I am sure you are going to get the low down from Mom.  The kids are stating their spring break but I already had mine so they are going to Midway for a few days.  I hope to catch up with them at the end of the week.  

I don't have a whole bunch of stuff for you this week.  I will look forward to getting a little more this week than last week from you.  It sounded like you had a nice little field trip.  Hopefully, the work and the leadership is still going well for you.  It seems like that place is really pretty.  

Are you bonding with some of the members like you did in your last area?  Seems like you had some real Bros for eternity there.  Have you been able to scout out some tism prospects?  

We are winding down the school year at work.  We just have about 3 more weeks of teaching.  It has been a good year at the Tute.  I was touched by that letter from Dane.  Man I sure hope he can find some peace from his adversities.  We have Isaac coming in to the priests today to share his mission exp.  

I hope you have an awesome Conference experience.  I think the Conference while on your mission has huge impact.  I bet you will not even nap like I used to catch you doing.  I hope you have an awesome Easters.  I hope the people will let you share Jesus with Them during this awesome time.  

I love you Son


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