Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Father son letter

Dad, yeah we do knock lots of doors the whole mission knocks everyday from 5-7 and we usually knock more but that's a mission rule to knock then. It is actually quite successful up here that's where all of our baptisms come fro mreally the members aren't very good at giving referals ender haynie and I hound the ward for them but nothing much has come from it sadly. Yeah we had a few big trainings we did one at zone conference with 3 other zones so that was a big one it went pretty well I still get a little nervous but its not really a big deal anymore its pretty cool to see how much ive grown just being out here for 8 months.. 

sweet for the cord im excited to see yall its coming up quick and yes we will use Skype again. 

Yeah of course dad I train good. I work out every morning and night. I weigh 190... so that's weird coulda used that during football I just wasn't dedicated enough then.
I have riden my bike once in the last 4 months.. haha but we will have to ride it tons this week because we are really low on miles... we get 1500 a month but that goes by so fast being in port angeles everything is so far away.

Loves dad
Elder FIfe

On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 11:13 AM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son. Wow that was a marathon door knocking day you were telling us about.  So is that common to do a lot of door knocking in your miss?  We did a bunch of that but I know it is not the most effective.  Is the member missionary work slow?  Do you get many church referrals?  Do you do any internet type missionary work?   Mom has been showing me some pics of you preaching the word at some big training meeting?  That must have been the Wednesday training you were talking about.  Did you rock it? 

So I picked up some cord so our phone convo for mothers day should be much better.  Is it going to be through Skype again.  That is coming up pretty soon.  Awesome.  This is the last week of classes for the semester.  I gotta say it was pretty dang fun.  

So is Michael still getting dunked in a couple weeks.  That is great to get a couple married and on the gospel path.  Hopefully, the others will continue to progress.  It is hard to compete against the natural man and all the temptations this world has dangling in front of people.  Once they feel the true Joy of the gospel they will forsake all the junk and take the plunge.  

Are you still training good?  Ever ride the bike anymore?  Keep up all the good work Son.  Love you soo much


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