Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 2 Port Angeles

I still have quite a bit of the shampoo stuff and spray but not any more pills left.. its a month supply pills and I think 3 months for the other stuff. 

98362 is the zip

Yeah its pretty crazy that I am turning 19 seems like it was last week I turned 18 haha but I am still like the youngest one out here my comp is 23 haha I give him crap about it. I don't have any pics of him right now but I will send you some next week. That's crazy that all of those guys are all coming home.. jeez time flies. Yeah haley was telling me about McKay and yeah she thinks hes going to propose to her too. It seems like she really loves the dude so Im happy for her I don't know him very well at all so I couldn't say anything about the whole deal. Yeah basketball is so lame I don't like coach day at all btw he bugs me.. haha don't ever call me a straight back mom that is not something to say to a person like me.. ahh ill pinch you mom haha is jenny going on a mission? 

For my birthday I want some protein powder and maybe some h&M dress pants they look good. money yeah don't need much. I love ya so much momma I think about you all the time thanks for being the bestest loves
 Elder Fife

On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 5:22 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com>wrote:
Yo yo Elder Fife,
Glad Port A is treating you right! Did u go on a hike last Monday? It's cool to be able to explore that cool place a bit. Did you see any vampires haha. What's ur comps name and where is he from?  Send us a pic of that ginger. You left one number off your zip code so send me it please.

Got to be thinking of your big 19 birthday anything special you want? Can't believe you're gonna be that old. You'll always be my beautiful brown eyed boy.

How's the missionary work going? So strange Washington has such a drug problem!!? Those people need your message more than anyone. The ward has a few  USU alumni that's fun! The fact that you are driving around in a van makes me laugh! I can call u a
straight back now.

Stevie came home on Friday and Isaac comes home on Thursday.  Cole Bangater came home last week too.

Hannah turns sweet 16 on Sunday. It's funny Chad asked her to jr prom huh? Kim made some cinnamon rolls. They are cute people.

I think Mckay is coming up with Haley this weekend to ask dad for Haleys hand in marriage. Crazy!!!

Cole had a great b ball game on Saturday! We told him please play like buddy and he did. It was frustrating cuz Day didn't do the subbing fairly. B ball is so frustrating like that!

Oh do you like that hair care system I sent? U are probably almost out. Want me to send more? Let me know what you need or want for birthday/March package. Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow. All my love to you Son. XoXoXoX I love you and am so blessed to be your mom. ️Loves, Momma

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