Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Christians turns 19. First birthday away from home😂

yeah its pretty weird that I am turning 19 seems like yesterday I turned 18.. but whatever right? haha  that would be pretty cool if she made me a cake I guess ill just have to be in Tacoma next year and she can do it! ha youre the best im excited to get it:) hahahaha I can just see dad tryin those on and modeling for you guys. lots of missionaries rock em. After the april conference we can start wearing light suits again I tried it on and my arms have a hard time fitting in the thing.. haha hopefully I don't rip it.. I do insane abs with insanity im pretty sure you have it I do it 3 times a week in the mornings and it is brutal I hate that thing.. haha its a really good workout though. 

YEah tryouts are always a little crazy.. haha Hannah will do great though. she will win just cuz shes popular.. sv cheer is kinda interesting hopefully Hannah can make them better at it.. haha 

We had ward conference too it was super good I loved it we had area 70 there elder Bussey he was a really good speaker talked about family counsels and context of eternal salvation it was a good talk. 

Dang seems like he left just the other day... weird to see all those guys come back I bet. 

I love ya so much momma thanks for always being the best mom I could ask for. hope you have a great week beautiful momma. loves Elder Fife

On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 6:14 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com>wrote:
Hi Son!

Hope you have had a blessed week! Happy big 19th Birthday to you on Saturday! Hope you have a great birthday out on the mish! Hope the members will do something special for you. If they don't know that you are loved back home and that we are so proud of you!! I was hoping you'd stay in Tacoma till your bday cuz one of my friends was gonna bake you a cake. Oh well... I'm sending you a box of bday stuff. The birthday card will have some loot in it. Use that to get what you want. Haley got some dress pants from H&M dad tried them on and they were super tight. So go to Ross and get them.

Hannah is trying out for cheer this week. We are at the Summit gym and her and her friends are practicing cheer stuff and back hand springs. Kinda stressful, I don't like tryouts!!!

We had fun skiing at PowderMountain. The snow was super crunchy and Icy at first then the sun came out and it was ight.

We had ward conference today. Pres. o asked about you and says hi keep up the great work. Elder Reese is home he has already grown a beard. Haha he seems great.

I love you with all my heart!! ❤️ thanks for being the greatest example and such an awesome missionary!

Happy Happy Birthday!! I'll be thinking of you and can't believe how fast my baby boy has grown up. You were such a beautiful baby and darling boy now a handsome young man! Loves

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