Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Danes email to Elder Fife

Danes email to me... really sad excuse his language.. but he is changing when all the bros get back we are going to tize him!!!!

Hey bud! I'm in hawaii with my mom and brother and honestly sitting here wishing you were here bro.  I miss you so much, I wish you were here so we could have adventures like in CALI!  I got to sky dive man, it was so fun! I remember you did the same, but I gotta spread my dads ashes in the sky while I was free falling! It was crazy man the weather was shitty and we weren't going to get to go, my mom said that she's prayed and about 5 minutes later the weather broke and a beautiful rainbow came out and we got to do the dive man. Crazy experience.
I've thought about you a lot though lately bro, you're my best friend and I miss you.  I've definitely been struggling lately with everything, we had to put grizzly down man:( I miss that dog:(.  You know I'm not very religious but if you could send some of your powers my way that'd be great Homie.  It's crazy to me that you've been out for so long.  You better not plan on coming home and getting married, unless it's to me:). I love you bro! Hope all is well my man, keep doin work!

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