Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hey:) this week has been full of being wet and hard work. We have quite a bit of people that we are teaching that are progressing and loving the gospel. A family in particular is the Heins we talked to them while we were going to walmart they invited us to teach them more so we did they loved the restoration and plan of salvation Tim the father even comes to elders quorum and participates and signs up to go on splits with us... haha He used to be into hardcore drugs he quit those but now is addicted to cigs we are working with him on that he says he will be able to quit because he wants to be baptized and wants the restored priesthood. 

We are also working with a man named Michael his son was recently re baptized because we couldn't find his records he felt the spirit and he wants to be baptized too. And come to find out my comp and him flew down on the same plane 15 months ago he recognized him and was able to put it together that they were flying from Utah to Washington 15 months ago on the same day.. pretty sweet!! The lord works in mysterious ways!!!

One more cool story is our investigator Ryan we knocked on his door a few weeks ago and he was like way pumped to see us for some reason.. I just acted way excited and he would match my excitement.. really funny he was probably high.. lots of the people here tend to do that but anyways we basically told him he was going to get ready to be baptized in two weeks and he agreed we set up an appointment at our church to show him around a little bit a few days later and he wasn't as excited but he was still interested. He told us that he believes in god and Jesus but doesn't understand why they are one person.. We explained to him that they weren't and he was happy to finally not be confused about that. Then he told us he just doesn't like church because man has changed so many parts of the Christ's doctrine in the last 2000 years that it just isn't the same. Doesn't get much better than that right?? it was  sweet we shared the resto with him and he is excited to be apart of the restoration:)

Love you all 
Elder Fife
found some palm trees..

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