Monday, February 9, 2015

The raccoon

Mom, Sounds like you guys have had some craziness going on this past week... haha That coon is big I remember him running out of the garage and it was scary so I cant imagine how scared cole was... makes me laugh though. good thing he has fast reflexes to block the attack. haha
haha I don't think I could ever be sick of being sent treats to be honest with ya momma you know me.. haha 
Yeah we get our transfer calls this Saturday pretty exciting I feel like im going to leave for sure but you never know.. 
st. George that will be fun!! it will be good to get some nice rays. that seems crazy to me that it is 60 degrees over there that is too bad for the ski season I bet my friends are pretty bummed. Last week it hit 60 a few times down here too that was really nice! when does it usually warm up around here?? hopefully soon because im probably white as a snowball. lol
I bet cole will still go get popsicles knowing him.. haha he loves those things just like his older brother.. haha I used to eat those things one after the other.
Elder Holland!!! that's so dang cool you guys get to have lots of general authorities talk to you that's so awesome im jealous. 
This week was a good week. Darla is still really sore from getting in a fender bender so she couldn't get baptized Saturday and lyle is still smocking so we might stop visiting him. But we are teaching lots of people right now and I have gotten really good at it. Hard work pays off with anything. I love ya tons momma have a wonderful week thanks for everything!!!1 lovessss

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 6:21 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Wow Son what a crazy experience you boys had but cool at the same time! So glad you are ok!! So grateful you listened to the prompting to not fight those dudes! So scary!How's Tugbe eye? He seems like such a sweet guy. So did y'all really not have any money? Stupid Tacoma Thugs!!! That's an awesome story about Robin glad you were able to find her baptize her etc. that will be super cool to go to their wedding in a year.

I sent you a Valentines package fed x so be looking for that this week. Are you sick of me sending you treats??!!

I'm curious if you get transferred where you'll go?!!

This Friday we go to St. George for Hannah's soccer tourney. Hannah has been super sick with the flu. Missed 2 days of school and was in bed all weekend. So hope she is better tomorrow. She's a busy gal. I don't think she gets enough sleep.

How are you doing son? So happy you are happy! That's the best feeling in the world knowing you are so happy!

It's been in the 60s this week. I rode my bike up Smithfield canyon twice. Such great weather but a bummer year to take skiing up again.

Cole had a really freaky thing happen the other night. He was going out in the garage the other night to get a Popsicle and that crazy animal you saw in the garage awhile back was sitting on the step eating cat food. It lunged at him and Cole slammed the door on it, it hit the animal and the door flung open then Rudy chased after it. I grab a hammer and go running into the garage cuz I thought the coon or whatever it is was gonna kill Rudy. Rudy was fighting with it behind the Burb and then I see it run under the garage. Now Cole doesn't go out for Popsicles anymore!! I really want to see that thing!!

The Griffins moved in they came to church today. I haven't had a chance to meet them yet.

Dad and I went to a husband and wife night with a general authority on Friday. Elder Holland spoke to us. He is an amazing speaker.

I love you so much and miss your face. Xoxo ️loves Momma.

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