Monday, February 23, 2015

First email from Port Angeles

Mom yes this place is so awesome im excited to go on hikes and things up here instead of planning basketball everymonday we are going to go exploring today its going to be sweet. I would want a fishing pole but im not sure if we ever have time and I would have to buy a liscense and those are super expensive.. 

Whats the kids name from mountain crest?? am I gonnna have to fight someone from here?? haha Yeah I knew those friends she had wouldn't be very good friends just because of the things I had heard about some of them before I left. BUt it always works out I don't know if I ever told you but I didn't have friends my sophomore year. like I didn't know what to do with myself at school I was just awkward because I had no ride to lunch with friends so it was hard.. but it got so much better when I found friends that I enjoyed being with and just good kids. im sure anyone would like to be hannahs friend so there should be no problem with her finding them. the boys obviously think shes great so the girls are just jealous girls are dumb. haha no offense.. just tell her not to worry I went through the same thing it always gets better. My favorite quote from Preach my Gospel. don't know the exact words something along the lines of.. The trials that we all face in life never get easiet just the capacity to endure becomes larger. slaughtered that but its true life is preparatory for whats to come. 

The boys are punks!! haha I love them I could probably say a few things..l haha 
I love ya so much momma
ELder Fife

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 9:45 AM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Elder Fife,

I hope you are transitioning to your new area nicely. How is everything? District leader that's awesome! Sue Baddley is so excited you are in Port Angeles!!! She knows people there and has family close by. She said throwing her name around may get you in the door. Ha ha! Everyone says how beautiful it is there! Do you want me to send you a fishing pole? Are you on bike again? 6 months down, how does that feel? I hear you can see Canada from there is that true?

Hannah got asked to her first dance by a MC boy. The dance is March 7and her bday is March 8. I felt alright about her going. After all she'll turn 16 on the date. Dad not so sure!! What do u think? She is having a hard time with friends right now. Her friends are choosing wrong things and she wants to find new ones. Kinda tough! She'll figure it out she's smart and wants to do the right thing. Sv girls won the 4A girls state championship yesterday. Hannah was a part of it  she didn't dress but was able to go watch all the games. she said it was so cool. Makes her want to stick with b ball cuz they could probably win for the next 2 years. But she wants to do cheer and you can only do one sport with cheer.

The boys are fighting more then usual lately. Maybe you can scold them from the field. You always had a good way with them. They look up to u so much.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new area. You are doing an amazing work what an incredible journey you are on!! We are all so blessed here at home for your service!

I love you Elder Fife! You rock son. XoXoXoX all my love to you for your continued happiness and success. ️Loves momma

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