Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mom & Elder Fife

We are emailing today because of the holiday. it sounds like you have had an awesome week!! That sounds like a fun/ miserable day to me.. haha sounds like the boys enjoyed it though. Powder mountain? wow that's a really nice resort i bet that's going to be a blast. If its snowing though i hear its a really scary drive. Ill have to teach yall a thing or two.. haha no they will probably be better than me when i get back.. 
Yeah cade was telling me about his game sounds like he did awesome!! Im really sad for skyler though why the heck did he come back makes me sad and kinda mad cuz i know if he would've just waited a little longer he could have made it. but yeah hopefully he stays active and nobody is mean to him about it. Chase says hes doing great just the usual chase.. haha Yeah you should go you and chandlers mom are pretty good friends right? Yeah i was looking back yesterday and it has flown by for me i am almost a quarter of the way through it. 
That guy looks like a bachelor what position does he play tell him to save me a spot on the team for when i get back! haha really wish i would've hit up the workouts everymorning and tried harder i feel like a failure in football i could have done so much better i don't like being the honorable mention but whatevs past is the past. same with basketball though makes me mad sometimes. 
Thanks for sending that stuff:) this weekend we are having 2 baptisms we are really excited for that we have had a drought i will make sure to send pics!! thanks for being the best momma ever loves so much
Elder FIfe

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 6:11 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son!
How are you? Hope you had an awesome week! The boys and I had fun skiing on Friday. Marci, kimball and Cardon drove up with us. Marci hadn't skied in 20 years and it was Cards first time. I helped cards for a bit at first. Then took off with the boys for the rest of the day. It was a blizzard but we made the best of it and enjoyed the fresh powder. We are actually heading up tomorrow to Powder Mountain. The boys are pretty good! They will be ready for you when you get back.
Cade had his first rec b ball game yesterday. Cade played Tate Petersen for his second game and Skylar came walking in. That was kind of a shock! I didn't talk to him but dad did. Hope he can move on and make the best of it. How's Chase doing? We got an invite in the mail for Chandler Reeds farewell. January 25. So we will try to go they invited us to the luncheon after. That's nice. 5 months on Tuesday wow has that gone by fast? The first 3 months dragged for me but the last 2 have gone quicker probably with getting ready for Christmas and stuff.
Boo is dating a stud!! They are talking about getting married this summer. He served his mission in Arkansas. They never met there but got set up in October and he went to Arkansas before Christmas and met the Fifes. They came for dinner today. Dad is wishing Haley could find someone more like that but it's not our choice. McKay is growing on us though. Boos dudes name is Taylor. He plays football for U of U. He's only 5'11 but super built guy. I'm happy for Boo.
I got u some hair stuff vitamins etc. follow the directions on the packages. I will mail it on Tuesday so look for it this week.
I love you Elder Fife!!! XoXoXoX miss you keep rockin the great Northwest! ️Loves Mom

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