Sunday, February 1, 2015

Loving every minute

Dad, the week was really good Darla and Robin didn't get dunked only because there is a fever going on around here and everyone seems to have it they both had high fevers but are planning on getting baptized this weekend as well as lyle. We took him to a baptism just to show him what is was like and he loved it. One of the sister missionaries asked him when he was getting baptized and he said "next week im pretty sure" so that was pretty cool he just has to quit smoking.
That's super cool you guys get to meet elder cook!! Elder Christopherson came to a stake conference in Olympia and all the missionaries in that zone got to meet him and stuff so im really jealous. And 4 or 5 months ago elder oaks came to give his son or nephew something like that the priesthood and lots of missionaries got to meet him I hope I get to meet one here soon.
We are basically half way through transfers today but the 2nd half always goes by extremely quick. It has been pretty wild up here with the back to back super bowl attendance people are crazy. haha
We were street contacting the other day around this big mini mall type thing and we passed this weed shop, they are everywhere around here, but anyways this dude came out with like 4 big ole plants of weed so that was interesting to see. haha crazy how that's legal...
Byu Hawaii huh? that's really cool!! how long would you be there if you got the job or whatever? yeah that would be weird not going home to cache valley when I get home... but I think it would be awesome to live there. go to the beach erryday and stuff would be awesome. Seems like you would have to get paid like 7 mil if you wanted to survive there though.
Tons of people have been to the same places we went to in Hawaii so its fun to have something in common and reminisce.
How did you like skiing? it looked so fun:)
The mission has been great loving every minute of it. Im pretty sure I will be leaving this transfer but its okay ive been here long enough.. Oh yeah we have 11 people that have a date to be baptized on so that's cool we are excited. Tugbe doesn't really let anything bother him he just laughes it all off. hes a great guy.
Love ya so much pops have a wonderful day.
Elder Fife

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