Monday, February 2, 2015

ElderTugbe gets punched in the face

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This week has been absolutely crazy... the most insane things have happened... 
Elder Tugbe and I were street contacting and this guy came up to us and wanted money for gas we told him we didn't have any his friend pulled up in an audi behind us i knew that something wasn't right.. he then started getting really angry with us and said if we didn't go the other way he would punch us in the face and without hesitation he punched elder tugbe  in the face way hard and started walking away. I was about to blind side punch him in the face but then i felt a strong prompting not to do anything. i didn't and then all a sudden it was over and they sped off. i tried to take a picture of the license plate but it didn't work because the phones we have are awful. I called president right after and he said that it was the spirit protecting us from potential danger because he could've been gang affiliated and had a weapon of some sort. But the natural man really makes you feel like a coward for not sticking up for your companion but looking back i know it was the right thing to do. Tell the fam if u want haha don't want mom to stress about nothing... but yeah tugbe when he was in Africa was in lots of street fights because the whole country was at war he said he has had to kill people before to protect his friends and family so he was shocked that he didn't fight back either it was def the spirit of the lord protecting us from danger even though he did get socked in the face. But the most touching part to me is right after it all happened elder tugbe with a huge swollen eye looks up at me and says that he hopes we see that guy again so he can give him the 10 dollars he asked for. Elder tugbe is a true disciple of the lord and a great example to me and the other missionaries out here.

On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 8:32 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son you are probably going to have to do some serious comforting for the downtrodden Seahawks fans.   
Oh man are the people gonna be bumed after they choked the Superbowl?  They had it in the bag.  I hope they will still be nice to you.  Oh well the bigger picture is what you got for them.  
Good week with your gators?  Hopefully they are feeling better and got baptized on Saturday.  Did I read right that you guys have like 15 people on date for tism?  That is crazy awesome!!  That is like South America!  You guys must be working super hard and calling down Heaven's Power.  Awesome.  
We had Theldas 90th Birthday celebration.  It was nice.  We have had a really bizarre January it has been super warm like mid 40 all month.  Kinda trippy, no snow. I have been able to bust out Bullet and cruise around the hood any time.  
So last week I think we told you about Elder Cook coming to USU.  At the little talk and meal before hand it was cool to see him up close and personal.  I went to bathroom and there was one other person in there.  Yup Elder Cook he was coming for the sink to wash up while I was just coming in.  I was like now way here is my chance to shake shanks with an Apostle but it was like NOOO.  Just my luck first chance to shake hands with an Apostle and I get bathroom denied.  I should have just hovered and waited for the washing to complete. Oh well.  

He gave an awesome message and I was touched at end of his talk when he mentioned his bathroom buddy.  Just joshing.  

He did say as he concluded that He knows the Savior's Voice.  That was neat to hear and feel the truth of his words. Gospel is True.  Love you so much Son.  Gotta go do the stuff.  

Loves so much Son.  


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