Monday, February 9, 2015

Heated debate

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but anyways yeah this week was really good I think im going to be out of here pretty soon though. transfer calls are coming up on Saturday so we will see what happens. Coach Cam Johnson emailed me today and said some nice things that was nice of him. hes such a good guy. 
I got in a way crazy bash last night with a preacher. about the trinity and grace and authority. he definetly knew scriptures and the bible way more than me but I held my own. it got pretty heated though it was nuts he was not a very nice person.. haha I try not to bash but sometimes I just feel like I need to defend what I believe. 
I love ya tons dad thanks for being the best pops ever
elder Fife

On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 10:46 AM, Christian Fife <> wrote:
Yeah its a sketchy place around these parts every where I go I see heroin needles on the ground and everyone and their dogs smoke weed... the weed shops are on every corner and im not sure if ive met someone at a doorstep that doesn't smoke. We have a huge bag of tobacco and like 4 packs of cigs in our apartment that we need to dispose of from taking them from our investigators this past week. Brother Awadjie the black guy in the ward gave me and tugbe pepper spary so we carry that around when we are knocking doors and stuff like that. 
Oh yeah Elder Oliphant I went on an exchange with him and we were eating lunch at the bishops house and the ups guy comes around to drop off a package but the truck is way too big for the drive way so when he tries to turn around he drops the rig in the ditch and we have no way of getting out because he blocked the road we helped him for like an hour to try and get it out but there was no way he didn't want to call his supervisor but he finally did and they got a tow truck to get it out 3 hours later.. 
Elder Oliphant is a very talented musician plays piano at all of the mission events he plays like 9 instruments and played the French horn at carnage hall.. I hear that's really crazy I guess not sure if I spelt it right

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 7:41 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son.  Mom forced the info from me so everyone knows about your scary ordeal.  Crazy how you had huge swings last week.  Awesome baptism and confirmation then thug encounter.  I gotta admit that was very unsettling.  I had to remind myself that God is in charge and will protect his servants.  You absolutely did the right thing by doing nothing.  I feel what you are saying about wanting to drop the punk but that could have been tragic.  

Mariah, that former sister from your mission told me some story about how you did splits with someone she knew and went to battle with a UPS truck.  She said something about how it got stuck making it so you got stuck at your Bishop's house for 3 hours or something.   I didn't fully follow the story but that was her third person account of it.  

We had a broadcast last Friday with Elder Holland for my work and it was awesome.  His message was so powerful!  I know the gospel is true.  But Elder Holland knows x a billion.  Man we belong to the only true church on the face of the earth.  Definitely led by Prophets and Apostles.  So glad and proud you are telling the world.  

I hope this has been a great and safer week for you.  We shall hear tomorrow.  Really makes Mondays so much better to know I will hear from my Son.  I love you with all my heart.  


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