Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Awesome week in the Wa-Tac

This week was way awesome!!!!!!

Laura and Gregorio were both baptized. We found them both while we were knocking doors. We knocked on Lauras door like 3 weeks ago. and Gregorio was the one smoking in his car as we passed by while knocking doors. I love how the spirit puts you in the right place at the right time.

Its really neat because both of them have family members that are members. 

At the baptism Gregorio's mom told us she got baptized in Montana and his uncle told us he got baptized in a ward near by. The uncle brought his non-member wife who is interested in learning more and hes interested in coming back to church after seeing how happy gregorio was. Gregs lil bro maurice is getting baptized next week. We are going to try and get greg the priesthood so he can baptize him. 

Laura's brother was baptized a couple years ago and throughout the teaching process he encouraged her and answered lots of her questions. Laura brought a friend and her mom to the baptism and they both have lots of potential:) it was such a good day yesterday!!!

We also confirmed Little Rebecca at church and her dad loved it. The mission President came to support. In his testimony he gave the dad a shout out it was way cool hopefully the dude will feel the spirit and get baptized!!!

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