Monday, May 16, 2016

Killa week

Pretty killa week:) I see hannah representing well in the newspaper, congrats!! Happy birthday this week pops and cole. My mouse scrolled over Haleys email and it said Haley Robertson.. I wondered who the heck that was.. haha it was slow to click

This week was hot!! its nice to cool down with some rain today. Elder Burton and I are having tons of fun together. We have been greatly blessed by the lord. We have been finding some great people who seem Elect. 

We got a referral from the church the guys name was Josiah. His wife is a member and he had been taking the lessons before but they moved before they could finish. We started teaching him this last week and he is way solid. They have a 2 year old daughter and one on the way. They want to be sealed in the temple. 

We are excited to get him baptized in the coming weeks. 
We are planning a temple trip for gregorio and laura:)

Mauris, gregorios brother should be baptized this week. He is a great kid. hopefully gregorio will have the priesthood so he can baptize him sunday. that would be coolio

Jarrod came to church. He is a way black dude. drives a deville and smokes tons of pot. lol he is engaged to a less active member named Jnell. they are living with her mom rn cuz times are tuff. Jnell recently had a baby 2 weeks ago. We gave her a blessing the day before she went in for the c section and from what we heard everything went perfect. The priesthood is restored. We also gave Jerrod a blessing he had an allergic reaction at work and his employer got scared and fired him.. We gave him a blessing and some God given counsel. He healed quickly and the past week we have been teaching them quite a bit and he said because of that God gave him a job. He told us after his interview and they told him he got the job he immediately went to the car and said a grateful prayer.
Right thern with the real intent we taught he committed to go to church with God. 
In elders we go around the room and discuss good moments we had that week. Jarrod volunteered and said that He got a job and after he told God he would go to church to show his gratitude. He then said the best part of it all was my baby slept the whole night for the first time last night. he was way grateful for sleep and knew that was a sign that God was providing the way. 

During Church it was a way boring talk... old dude just talking and talking it was hard to listen.. I have had questions about miracles. Lately so many people have been telling us that they have seen awesome miracles of healing and what not that their pastors have been performing. I kinda was just like yeah, yeah sure... I opened up the bible dictionary and under the word Devil (pretty sure its devil) it says something along the lines of how the devil has power to do miracles to convince people of false churches or false doctrines.. I thought it was way interesting answered my questions. I feel much more obligation to correct false doctrines and find the elect and bring them to Christ. 
I love you all!!!
Elder Fife

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