Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Crazies in Tacoma

lol my comps email home last week i didnt want to write it up so here it is craziness

Ok so we have an investigator named Paula. Elder Fife and I had gotten in our beds and had fallen asleep. All of a sudden the phone lit up the room and started ringing. We wondered who would be calling the missionaries at 12:00 at night. We were going to wait till tomorrow to see what it was(because we technically arn't supposed to do that)But Elder Fife felt prompted to answer it. He grabbed the phone and to our surprise, Paula, our not so solid investigator is on the line. She began to tell Elder Fife that her son is in the hospital with a hernia and a blood clot. She was crying her eyes out and asking why stuff like this happens to good people and a ton of stuff like that. Elder Fife comforted her for at least an hour and reassured her that her son would be fine. He finally got off the phone and we shrugged and went back to sleep. Next thing I knew the phone was lighting up our room again! Elder Fife checks it and Paula is calling again. He throws me the phone and says," Dude it is your turn." At this point it is 2:00 in the morning! I answered and she is just destroyed. She said her son passed away. I proceeded to comfort her for an hour. We finally got done talking so I hucked the phone and hit the sack. We went over there the next morning and she was so heart broken. She said she drank half a gallon of alcohol and smoked a pack of cigarettes. We gave her a blessing but she was still super defeated. We parted ways and we went about the day. The next day I received a call from Paula while I was knocking doors. I answered and she was angry! All I heard was a slur of cursing. I asked her what was going on. She said," My son is alive!" She then began to explain that her son and his friends played a joke on her!.............They played a joke. It was all a joke! His brother had heard that he died and he came home from his honeymoon. The grandpa flew in from Maine. Turns out it was all a joke. Apparently the grandpa found him and is going to kick his booty. It was so crazy! Can believe that?! Wow.

This may sound crazy but i promised that lady her son was going to be fine. I just new it. When i heard he died i was so shocked... but turns out the holy ghost never lies!!! 

this week we were at costco with the lakewood zone leaders and we had 4 bags of 60 dollar protein tons of chicken peanut butter bread milk eggs tons of stuff we were in line put our stuff on and the cashier told us that our groceries were paid for. The lady that was in-front of us paid for the groceries.... it was literally 600 dollars... he said that her daughter was a mormon and the church changed her life so she wanted to give back... it was flipping nuts i felt so grateful but sick to the stomach at the same time.. God bless that women!! 

Got transfer calls staying and getting one of my former companions elder Bagley I served with him a year ago so im pretty stocked to have him back!! 

I love you all have a good one. 

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