Friday, March 11, 2016

Elder Fife & Elder Bagley reunited

last year in the Samoan ward I was companions with Elder Bagley. He is now my companion again!! its way funny Mom prophesied it lol in the family calendar Elder Bagley and I are posing for the month of march... 

This week was way awesome we were getting people to church on sunday and got a call from a less active member saying she felt abandoned from the church. We decided to go over there to try and get her to church. While we were there come to find out her mom hasnt been baptized.. she had been taught the lessons in the past but coulnt get baptized because she had face cancer and couldnt be immersed... she is super golden keeps all of our commitments went to church sunday.. brought a huge chair in from the foyer and put it right in the middle cuz she has a bad back... she loved church and is getting baptized on sunday!!! Elder Bagley and I are both going to be in the water to help her. it will be a real neat experience. 

We were walking into church on sunday and I saw my main man brother sameli we are pretty tight because I talk a little Samoan to him. He just lost his wife and is having some hard times. He told us that he has a referral for us and wants us to come by to meet him. We did and turns out it was a former investigator of ours from allenmore he married his daughter his name is steve and hes black. He is super elect and will be getting baptized in 2 weeks. 

Last transfer was pretty humbling.. we zeroed out with tisms. Opposition is the best, these tisms would never be as joyous as they are. God blesses those who remain faithful throughout difficulties. I testify of that. 

I got to hear 2 wonderful missionary experiences this week. One from my lil bro Cade he has been inviting his friend to mutual and church. Im so proud of that dude!! keep it up man

the other, Uncle jimmy told me how his family followed the promptings of the spirit to see whom needed the gospel. 1 Samuel 16:7 look not on his countenance or the height of his stature for I have refused him for man seeth not how the lord seeth for man looketh on the outward appearance but the lord looketh on the heart. something like that.... The least expected person turns out to be Gods number one perspective. Props to the Arkansas Fifes for seeing through Gods eyes. 

love you all
Elder Fife

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