Thursday, March 24, 2016

Steve gets baptized

this was a way good week. Steve got baptized!!!! steve was super Elect!!!! I met him before when i was going through choco city in lakewood.. he just walked the streets drunk and high. he was super miserable. 

He married his girlfriend and moved in with his girlfriends brother. (Bro Semeli) he is in our ward. We taught them and the difference of being in a home with the spirit without the alcohol and drugs was so drastic.. The spirit truly cant dwell anywhere unclean. Steve has quite the past and he truly started afresh. he left his old self in that water and came out like a child. 

It was way funny. I was a witness ( the guy to make sure he gets fully immersed) when you get baptized the person baptizing you has you put your hand over your nose so water doesnt go in.. we taught steve that but forgot to tell bro semeli... so when bro semeli lowered him he used his arm to lower him making it impossible for steve to plug his nose.... lol his face was so funny looking....

sorry about the grammer lol 

we were wondering where we should knock one afternoon.. and I had a vision where we should go.. i turn to elder bagley and he said he was thinking of the same place. We drive their and the first door we knocked we found nate. Nate committed to come to church the next day. At church he said he felt peace like he has never felt before and said he wants to be baptized... so that was way cool!!! the spirit guides!!!!!!!

miss and love yall have a good week. 

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