Thursday, August 13, 2015

The spirit converts

Good week this week. Got 2 boys ones name is Elder Enosa, he is half samoan and 6 foot 5 so he fits in well in the samoan ward. hes from Nevada and won the 4a state championship in football last year so thats pretty sick.

Elder Alvarez is our other boy he is from Florida his parents are converts from cuba hes a way good missionary and way smart hes going to Harvard after the mish... 

Elder Alvarez had a way sick miracle last night we got a referral from some other Elders in down town tacoma saying their was a nest of samoans waiting to be taught. We went with a return sister Missionary from tonga her names Tracy Toti. As we walked to the door a man stepped out and told us he is a jack mormon and cant change him.. haha but he let us in anyways. We preceded and taught the restoration to his family and extended family of 11 (6 baptism age) the power of the spirit was unbelievable Tracy shared an awesome testimony and we ended inviting them all to be baptized on the 22nd they thought for a minute and said they felt the spirit and they would be baptized. 

Gods Miracles have not ceased!! With faith all things are possible. 

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