Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One year left

Mom, I got the package! thanks so much:) thanks for your bunco prize too why do ya gotta me so nice to me?? haha you look so pretty in all those pictures:) I got a gorgeous mom!! 
That is so cool that Hannah is starting wing for the team!!! good for her and cade and cole playing hard too that's awesome!!!
YEah how could I forget the old youth center I played ball in that all my childhood!! haha that's a good place. 
Mom I love ya so much think about you ever day!!! only one year left that's way crazy to me!!!!!
lovessssss ELder Fife

On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 7:57 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com>wrote:
Hello Son,
That's crazy to me you ran the narrows bridge! I love that bridge. Fished under it by it a million times with my dad. Drive over it tons and was so nervous the first time I drive over it alone. Growing up we only had the one bridge. Anyways... Cool that you are in a place that I love.

Have you busted any more nests? Haha I think it's funny how you call it that. How are the new comps? Mission work? Last week was successful hope this last week was too.

None of the grandparents made it to California. They don't travel very well anymore. They all came to the Logan reception.

The boys played in a jamboree on Saturday. Cade's team is really good! Coles needs some work. He had some good tackles. Cade is an awesome center and Also played the O line. He was pretty gassed playing both ways haha.

We are trying to get geared up for school to start on Thursday. I'm doing the Pe teaching again. They tore down my gym so I'll be teaching in the old youth center.

Everything is about the same here. I sent you a package on Saturday. You should've gotten it on Monday.

Love you so much and congrats on the year mark hope the next year is greater then the last. All my love to you son. Loves momma

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