Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Eric Stephany gets baptized

sup yall

 Got transfer call i am staying with Goodwine and we will be training 2 new missionaries. 

its been a sick week.

Eric Stephany whose been coming to church for the last 6 months got baptized!!! He is 16 and his mom was having a hard time letting him go through with it. We taught him about fasting and prayer and invited him to do it. He bore his testimony at church on sunday like this.... For the past month I have fasted from 11:30 at night to 11:30 in the afternoon praying and studying throughout the night asking the lord for my mom to let me get baptized. I was truly scared to ask her because she is very weak and sick and I dont want to hurt her feelings. After 3 weeks I asked her and she gave me her blessing. And asked me while it took me so long to ask. In tears he said that he was getting baptized that night. Eric has been through lots of hard times when he was 7 his Dad passed away who was a former bishop but went less active... And other trials and challenges with family and friends. Eric has a testimony from reading the Book of Mormon just like Joseph Smith said any man will come nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book. Eric also told us he is serving a mission when he turns 18 even though he has scholarship offers to play football for many teams including the Oregon Ducks. 
Tell me something that would bring greater happiness? It has truly been a blessing to see Eric become converted to the gospel simply by reading, fasting, and praying. 

At the baptism Erics mother came and was in tears by the end wouldnt be suprised if she got baptized here soon as well

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