Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Buddy loves his mission

I tell you this every week.. but its going by so fast and its a bummer!! I love my mission its so fun. People say its hard, they don't understand why they are out here, they still have issues with keeping certain commandments.. I honestly don't get any of it I don't want to say its easy but its not so dreadfully hard!! I guess the lord just gives me strength and courage or something but the mission is the life. I don't have to worry about anything but keeping the commandments and trying my best to baptize people. 
The area 70 came way late to the meeting so he didn't have much to say.. but it was motivating and we had a good time. He talked about finding and teaching simply.
we have zone meeting tomorrow to share suff about it with the zone
That's crtazy school is starting already... are you excited for it or no?? you will probablyhave some former wa tac missionaries so that will be cool.
Loves dad have a good week

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 8:44 AM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Wow!  Couple of days and we hit the Hump.  What an awesome adventure you have had Son.  I am sure the second half will be even  better with much success and opportunity to bless so many Lives.  

How did the Zone Leader Meeting go with the Area 70?  I remember those meetings to be really motivational and awesome.  I hope the training is going well.  I am sure there are some really appreciative parents knowing that you are training their boys.  

This is gonna sound like a boring old dude.  But my peach tree and blackberries went nuts this year.  We have had tons of peaches and blackberries we can't even eat them all.  Mom has frozen some, we have given a bunch to friends and we have been making smoothies and ice cream shakes.  I got a little pride in my harvest.  Maybe I will let you have some next year.  

I was out with Cole picking some peaches and he was on the ladder and turfed it.  He went down hard but gratefully he only got scrapped up.  I felt bad that I could not get there in time to save him.  He is fine.  

Everyone seems a bit bumed about school starting this Thurs.  It will be good to get these rascals back in a routine.  I am sure you have discovered the power and blessing of a routine. 

Well Son As always we can't wait to hear the weekly report.  It truly is like Christmas morning when we see your emails rolling in.  Love you so Much.  Thank you for an Awesome first year of Missionary Service.  May the love and support of Heaven continue to bless and strengthen you.  

Loves Dad

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