Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hey all so this week has been way sweet. we don't get home until 9:30and don't finish planning until 10:20 so D comp time aint no thing. All of my companions are way fun. we have a blast everyday. 

In church on sunday the mission president showed up randomly and we didn't have anyone at church in the wapato ward pretty frustrating.. but after sacrament a lady showed up and told us that she wanted to be sealed in the temple to her husband but needs to be baptized first... It such a miracle mission president talked to her a little and we put her on date to be baptized in 2 weeks. 

The way we find Samoans to teach is pretty interesting hahaha we usually go to a grocery store, buffet, or park and walk around until we see some.. usually buying some type of food we talk to them and without fail they say oh yeah someone in my family is Mormon and then they invite us over to eat with them and to teach them. Its pretty sweet. We also go to the park around lunch and dinner times because they are always munchin with their monster Samoan families.

have a good week. fa
Elder Fife

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