Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day week

This has been an awesome week got to talk to my pretty mom on mothers day and the rest of the fam:) Got transfer calls and i am staying with Elder Hatch and we are getting 2 kinda troubled missionaries so that will be interesting.. 

At church on sunday Kierra maiden visited me that was weird and awkward not sure why she did it but whatever floats her boat. 

Here is the daily in Tacoma mission lol

After i had the interesting visit a man named Zebulon walked into the church.. Zebulon is way cool he def has his issues he is working through right now though like kinda big issues like prison in 38 days for narcotics stealing cars steroids etc.. but he turned himself in because he totally found out that the book of Mormon was true.  While in prison for the 6th time zebby read the book of mormon pearl of great price and Doctrine and Covenants. He found out that it was the word of God that their is a prophet on the earth today and the only way to be happy in this life is to follow His son Jesus Christ. He asked us to baptize him right then... but obviously we have to work through some things. Zebulon didnt want to be breaking the Law of chastity so he married his wife a few days before coming to church quit meth and steroids 5 months ago like this dude wants to change his life. His wife is getting baptized next week but good old zebby has to get first presidency approval to get dunked but he has to go to prison for 10 months first... haha you could say it was a crazy day at church.. I would love to share more about this awesome day but it is very inappropriate lets just say the day ended with his shirt off in the Gospel essentials class showing us his tatoos and his muscles from all the steroid use..  

Zebulon reminds me of Alma the younger and the sons of mosiah they both were not keeping the commandments of God but both had life changing experiences that brought repentance or is bringing repentance. The Atonement is a beautiful thing that cleanses us of all our mistakes everything unfair in life is made fair through the atonement of christ it is the only thing that brings Joy or true happiness. 
I love yall stay chill.
Elder FIfe

oh and this is Black Jesus in 2000 the Assistants found it they live in tacoma West and we are their Rivals Tacoma East we have an ongoing battle of stealing this picture from each other.. hhaha today elder Bagley and I broke into "the Mansion" (a way sick house that a really rich man lets the missionaries stay in) and stole it

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