Sunday, May 3, 2015

Emergency transfer to Wapato Park

TALOFA so this week has been insane. I got a call from President Blatter on Wednesday he told me 2 of my favorite Elders out here went home early:( real sad and that i was getting transferred back to the central conference of the mission. I am now in the Wapato Park Allenmore ward. Wapato park was the highest baptizing area in america in 2010 tons of humble people with your fair share of crazies. And the allenmore ward is the Samoan ward. On sunday i didnt have a clue what the freak was going on... haha they gave me a samoan preach my gospel and told me to learn it so thats going to be interesting. Our area doesnt have boundaries we cover the whole entire mission and have unlimited miles so its pretty sweet. At church we had like 5 different polys come up to us say they have a brother, cousin, or friend that wants to be baptized so its pretty awesome here. Plus i think ive gained about 50 pounds in the last couple days they dont let you go hungry. I have 3 companions Elder Hatch Elder Bagley and Elder Hughes.

Didnt get to see mike get baptized but he did saturday pretty sad he asked me to baptize him but the emergency transfer messed that one up. 

A member lets us live in one of his houses and it is way sweet. we call it the wap house we have weights for days. 

Love you all Elder Fife

P.S. the  Watac is the sickest mission Ecuador japan mexico Honduras Philippians  is nothin lol @CHase @chandler@mitch @houston @wylie

fa asafua

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